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Malachite Green (Basic Green 4)

Basic Green 4
[ molecular formula ]: C48h50n4o4.2hc2o4                                                       
[ colour index ]: C. I. Basic green 4
[cas no].569-64-2
[appearance]: Shinning bigger crystal, granular, powder
[shade]: Standard
[water-insoluble impurities]: 0.5%max
[properties]: It is soluble in water and alcohol.
[ use ]: Dyeing of acrylic fibres, silk, wool and cotton fiber; also applied in the dyeing of leather, hemp, bamboo, wood, paper and mosquito-repellent incense; widely used in the color matching of cationic black and as bactericide and fish medicine in fish breeding industry.
[packages]25kgs iron drums, cartons, woven bags.
[storage & transportation]: The product must be stored in shade, dry & well-ventilated warehouse. Avoid to be contacted with oxidizing chemicals and combustible organic substances. Keep it away from direct sunlight, heat, sparks and open flames. Carefully handle the product and avoid damaging the package.

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